If you have been contacted to say your child’s speech and language needs do not meet the criteria for assessment from the speech and language therapy service at this time, please see below a number of resources that provide information, advice and support including suggested activities that you and/or your child’s educational setting can try.

The LCHS children's therapy service website is full of resources and information to support your and your child.

BBC tiny happy people webpage, this website helps develop your child's language skills.

The NHS start for life website, which includes trusted NHS advice and guidance.

Ican is a charity that helps children communicate.

Radld.org, a website created to raise awareness of developmental language disorders.

Lincolnshire County Council have specialist speech and language training available.

Elklan are national leaders in training education practitioners, other professionals and parents, to help children and young people develop.

Thinking Talking have a number of training courses available.